Air Conditioning Pipe Repair and Fabrication

Bee Cool ACS Pipe RepairIt’s common for a vehicle to have a burst pipe, or a corroded pipe, or one that just suffers failure.

This leads to the refrigerant, which is under high pressure, escaping.

The only option for most people is to replace the faulty pipe with one from the Main Dealer, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds.

We can repair ANY fault on an A/C pipe.

We offer a nationwide service by post, and have even been known to send the repairs anywhere around the world!!

Bee Cool repair all types of A/C pipes.

How much will it cost

A repair to a pipe varies from pipe to pipe, but start at £75.00 & VAT excluding return postage.

Return carriage is currently £5.00 for standard post, or £15.00 for express return by Courier.

In certain circumstances, a pipe will be able to be completely re-made, but the price for this will be dependent on the size, type, complexity, etc. Price for this type of work is on application.

Do you offer a fast-turnaround service?

The repair will be completed as soon as possible, usually within working days and posted back to you.

Please be aware that on occasion a component may need to be ordered, and a delay may follow. You will normally be notified of any delay over our normal repair time of 4 working days.

We’re now able to repair your pipe by inserting a new section, or copy the complete pipe to the exact shape of the original, for a fraction of the cost of the Main Dealer part.

This service available to both public and trade customers, and is intended for anyone needing a pipe repairing without having the expense of a new pipe.

What types of pipe are repaired?

On Air Conditioning systems, there are only three types of pipes, Aluminium, Rubber, and combined Aluminium and Rubber. (You will see examples of all these types in the photos).

We can repair all of them, no exceptions!!

We are able to weld aluminium pipes, insert new sections, and repair all types of damaged and broken pipework. The only problem area for repairs is when the problem is at the end of the pipe.

A threaded connector repair is fine, however if the pipe has a shaped aluminium block connector (called a PAD end) then these are unique to the vehicle and cannot be repaired.

It is common for the pipe to fracture and come away from the ‘PAD End’, we can of course repair these for you.

Is there a Repair Guarantee?

All pipes go through our Quality Control Inspection before being returned, however, should any problem be found with the completed repair, we will re-complete your repair Free Of Charge within 10 days of the item being sent back to you.

On rare occasions during transportation, some completed repairs are damaged. For this reason, we recommend your installer testing with OFN (Oxygen Free Nitrogen) prior to fitting.

On this basis, NO claim for labour costs of installation, etc, will be accepted in connection with the repair, and any claim made after the 10 day return period will have to be made directly to the carrier of the package.

How do I send them to you?

Please box-up your pipe in a suitable box for us to return the completed pipe to you. We recommend you sending using a ‘Signed For’ service, as this is the only way that you can guarantee their arrival.

Include a brief description of the problem and the work required, together with contact details and return address.

We will telephone you upon arrival of the pipe to discuss the repair options and the cost of repair. If this is accecptable, we will take a Credit/Debit Card payment over the phone.

Please be aware that repairs will not be completed without advance payment.

A Vat invoice will be sent with the returned repair if requested.

The only postal address for Pipe Repairs is:

  • Bee Cool ACS Service Centre & Workshop
  • 11 Cunliffe Drive  (Off Northfield Avenue)
  • Kettering
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN16 8LD
  • Please Note, this is the ONLY applicable address for Pipe Repairs.  Any queries, please call us on 01536 428243