Bee Cool Air Conditioning are air conditioning specialists who use Speedmaxx machines on a daily basis.


Our Speedmaxx machines are fitted with 2015 specifications and are fully compatible with the new A/C regulations.

The machines [once programmed] are fully automatic, meaning no further intervention is required from the user. The machine emits an alarm should any faults be found, enabling the user to continue with other tasks.

These machines are ‘Tier 1 Automotive’ quality, and are ready to be placed within the automotive manufacturing industry. Demonstration models are available to try prior to purchase and we supply full product support, including spare parts and consumables: R134a gas bottles, Pag Oils etc.

Pricing is as follows:

Speedmaxx 4Speedmaxx 4 ECODelivery
£2970 + VAT£2540 + VATUK mainland charge of £80 + VAT applies
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