AC System Servicing

Safety first! The only safe way to maintain your system is through an annual service by a trained and qualified Air Conditioning technician using specialised equipment. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to service or maintain your own Air Conditioning system

You should really get your Air Conditioning system serviced EVERY YEAR.

You will find this in the Service Schedules of most major car manufacturers, however, even Main Dealers ignore this, as they often don’t want to get involved in something they don’t know much about, and are often afraid of the relevant legislation.
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An A/C service will ensure that the system is kept in peak condition and wont let you down when you need it most, especially on that hot summer’s day!

It may also save you a lot of money as Air Conditioning repairs are usually costly, especially if problems are left to develop.

This is due to the compressor, the main part of the system, which relies on a constant supply of the correct amount of refrigerant, and therefore the correct amount of lubricant (oil).

Without lubricant (oil), the compressor will take power from the engine, and will ‘Superheat’ causing permanent damage and possible seizure.
Air Conditioning
All Air Conditioning systems will leak refrigerant over a period of time, and if this is allowed to continue the results can seriously affect the compressor.

The legislation currently allows for a third of a loss over 12 months!!

The compressor can also be starved of oil if another component, such as a valve, causes the refrigerant flow to cease.

An A/C system service can be carried out at your home or your place of work by a fully qualified engineer using only the latest and most up-to-date equipment.

Our engineers are also fully insured for all risks whilst working on, or moving your vehicle. All refrigerants are recovered and recycled to prevent damage to the environment. 

What work will be carried out during an AC service?

An Air Conditioning service takes approximately 30/40 mins and consists of the following:

  1. Check pressures and vent temperature prior to servicing.
  2. Check all controls including air distribution.
  3. Analyse refrigerant, Evacuate system, measure system, Measure amount recovered. (All waste refrigerant will be recovered, and disposed of as required by the EPA Act 1990).
  4. Add correct type of oil, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Visual check of condenser.
  6. Visual check of all hosing (routing and condition).
  7. Visual check of compressor and mount brackets for security of fitting.
  8. Visual check of compressor drive belt tension/condition.
  9. Recharge system with correct refrigerant as recommended by manufacturer.
  10. Check vent temperature and refrigerant pressures.
  11. Check condenser fan operation.
  12. Check all electrics and controls.
  13. Check drain tube, (where possible).
  14. Optional Microbiological/Bacterial treatment to eliminate bad smells caused by bacteria.
  15. Update Service Records.

Regular, low-cost air conditioning servicing saves money, and Bee Cool is a specialist in automotive air conditioning, we can advise you on all aspects of this important system in your car.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with the very latest state of the art air conditioning servicing equipment and our technicians have undergone extensive specialised training.

You can rest assured that we offer an efficient, economical and environmentally safe service of your air conditioning system.