Valeting and Detailing

We are now offering Valeting and Detailing for our discerning clients.

We offer a range of services, from a simple wash and vacuum to full waxing, clay bar detailing, machine polishing and a full vehicle valet.

Our prices are on application. We are dealers for the ‘Valet Pro’ range of products and these can be purchased from our Kettering workshop.

Detailing is the precise renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle.

You can go to your local hand car wash, and pay around £6 to have your car cleaned (The £6 Car Scratch wash!).

Be warned, most of  these cheap car washes use harmful and corrosive products like traffic film remover to pre-wash your car, this will strip any protection on the car.

Dealer applied sealants can be stripped in roughly 3 washes. They also tend to use one sponge to clean the whole car, and not rinsing their sponge during the wash process either, which inflicts swirl marks, scratches and further damage to your paint work.

Detailing uses a much softer approach, using much milder wax and sealant friendly products, 2 buckets to wash, one with the suds, and one for rinsing the wash mitt, an assortment of cloths to dry, polish and buff you vehicles paint, and proven products to protect your vehicle, which in turn, will help increasing its retail value.

No, it is very different.

A valeter is someone who provides a service to a car owner and will clean the car so that all visible grime is removed from most areas.

Some stages of the Detailers process are similar in part, but far different in terms of the level of attention paid to detail and the products and equipment used. Visibly clean is where valeting ends and detailing takes over.

The next time you wash your vehicle or have it washed take a look at your car a little closer – scrutinise the finish under bright direct sunlight or under the harsh lighting of a petrol station.

Feel the paint place your fingers in a plastic sandwich bag or the cellophane from a ciggy packet and gently rub your fingers over the paintwork, what can you feel?

The next time you are in a car showroom look closely at the paintwork as the bright lights shine onto it. What do you see?

Machine polishing, also known as “paint correction” of car paint finishes, is the process that will remove most paint imperfections like Swirl Marks, Hazing, Surface Scratches and Faded paint as well as poor machine polishing marks called ‘Holograming’ and buffer trails.

The process of paint correction is not for the faint hearted, there is no right or wrong way to doing it but to achieve the best results safely then experience and knowledge is critical.

Using a selection of Polishing Machine’s with different cutting compounds and different graded polishing pads at speeds up to 2000rpm.

This can be a risky process in the wrong hands as this could cause serious damage to your paint finish as the heat generated in this process can burn paint and plastics in seconds.

Then once this has been done a full selection of Acrylic, Polymer Sealants or Carnauba Waxes can be applied to your paint to protect and to leave you with that Ultimate Shine.

Working with a selection of world class producers of the finest Car Care products we are constantly pushing the limits to see if there is a better Ultimate Shine.